MOVE. Quickly drag yourself around the Core to line up your cannon and deliver awesome destruction.

SHOOT. Touch where you want to fire. Your cannon is an extension of yourself.

POWERUP. Take advantage of three distinct abilities which bend the world of Core to your will.

These three words are all you need to know. Sounds simple right? Don't be so confident. In a mad frenzied rush to get the highest score, nothing else matters. Use all the tools at your disposal to meet your challenge head on, but always keep an eye out for those pesky sentinels. They fight against you with all their zeal to protect and rebuild their precious Core. How long can you last? How far can you go? Step into Core and find out.

My responsibility for this project was creating all visual content and designing a solid easy to use UI. Core is available now on Google Play, and soon available on Apple App Store. Get it!!